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Get free NFL Picks and NFL Predictions for the top games on the weekly 2022 NFL schedule from JA Cavalier, one of the industry's premier expert NFL handicappers .J.A. Cavalier has been bringing the NFL community the best NFL free picks and predictions for nearly three decades. Too many handicappers focus on the wrong games every week. Get into the end zone. Go deep and score with free NFL PICKS from your number one source for football– J.A. Cavalier!


NFL This Week

The NFL season is in full swing and heating up. The season will be gone before you know. That’s why you need to take advantage of every single week of the season. With fewer games compared to other leagues like the NBA, NHL, and MLB; picking winners is much more difficult. With no more than 16 games in a given week, it is still extremely difficult to do all the research needed to make sound decisions. That’s all the more reason to enlist the help of J.A. Cavalier, one of the world’s premier sports handicappers. Well-versed in the game itself, J.A. Cavalier was brought up with a deep understanding of how lines are made, what affects them, and why they move. For him, it’s more than just numbers and his record speaks for itself. Get all the latest in NFL news, previews, picks, and more

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